What are Community Groups (C-Groups)?
C-Groups are small groups for students that are in 7th – 12th grade! Meet with 5-10 other students (same gender) and two adult C-Group leaders. It is a time filled with Bible study, prayer, fellowship, accountability, and fun!

When and where do we meet?
C-Groups will meet on Wednesday nights from 6:30-7:30pm following a large group gathering in The Zone (Youth Room). Small groups will meet weekly for 8-10 weeks. There are two C-group semesters each year.

What does a Typical C-Group night look like?
Each group has its own flavor, but a typical night will look something like this: welcome/hang-out time, game/ice-breaker, Bible study/discussion, prayer time, snack/hang-out time.

What is the C-Group Commitment?
Being part of a C-Group is a privilege. We ask each C-Group student to commit to the following:
• Come prepared to group, equipped with a Bible, a pen, and a notebook.
• Respect your C-Group leader. They are giving up time because they want to minister to you.
• Respect and be kind to other students in you C-Group.
• If you can not commit to these things, we will ask you to no longer be a part of the C-Group.

What about my leader?
Emmanuel Student Ministry has incredible, trained adult volunteers who are ready to serve and teach junior & senior high students.  We have a dedicated team of volunteers who are excited to work with your son or daughter. Our leaders are there to encourage, teach, guide, and help you strengthen your walk with Christ. It may turn out to be the most significant relationship of your time in the student ministry.

If you have any questions regarding C-Groups, please contact:

Luke Breeze: luke@emmanuelbaptist.net